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Fake Poppers from China

So even now a days China has mastered in making fake poppers. Yes, that is correct, China is now also making fake poppers. Why should you as a consumer? First and foremost, it’s dangerous to your health. when creating poppers you have to have the exact science and just the right amount of ingredients, just like in baking. If you are a baker, you know that baking has to have the exact amount of ingredients in order for it to turn out the way it should. So, the same rules apply when creating poppers. WHAT China does is substitute ingredients, which costs less to increase profits. Too much of an ingredient can cause major issues or even lead to death. Although there haven’t been any deaths reported, you should be cautious on where you get your poppers. Yes, even if you get yours at your local sex shop. Ask them where they get their poppers and see what they say.

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