Discounts and Promotions

Here are some of the discounts that you can expect to automatically receive based on what is in your cart. Our 4th bottle FREE discounts are automatically triggered based on if you have 3 line items in your cart. If for whatever reason this discount is not applied as described please let us know by emailing us at [email protected] .

The bundled discounts DOES not apply to these since the bundled discounts are heavily discounted already. For example if you decided to go with our Buy 2 get 1 Free bundle, You will automatically get 3 bottles but you will not see it in your cart listed individually, but don’t worry you will get the 3 bottles. The automatic 4th bottle will only be triggered if it sees 3 line items. Once you add the 3rd bottle the system will automatically tell you that you won a FREE gift. If there is more than 1 option. Please select which FREE bottle you would like from the options you are given. Already discounted bundles are excluded in this promotion. You must add the individual bottles to get a 4th bottle free. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions please let us know.

To get this promotion please follow the following step:

step 1. Add this promo bundle to your cart. You will automatically get the 5 poppers listed below. They will NOT be listed in your cart individually.

  1. Amnesia 15ml
  2. AMYL Titanium 20ml
  3. Jungle Juice black 10ml
  4. Jungle Juice latinum
  5. Rave ultra strong 10ml