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How to make poppers last longer

So your poppers are not lasting as long as you would like? There are several things you can do to make sure you maximize the life of your poppers. First thing you can do is to make sure you close the bottle properly and store it away from direct sunlight. Storing them in your freezer will also extend the life shelf. Let the poppers reach room temperature before using. Once poppers are open usually they will last you 3 to 4 weeks. But there are several things you can do to extend the life of your poppers.

The more you open the bottle over and over lessens the shelf life of the poppers. Think about it as a freshly opened bottle of coke. So what you can also do is purchase one of our 2ml bottle perfect to transfer what you need for your sessions that way you are not having to open the original bottle over and over again throughout your session. This will significantly increase the shelf life of your poppers. The important thing is to make sure you tightly close the bottle. You will love having this extra bottle. This will also help prevent accidental spills from the original bottle. I know I have experienced that before. Be also on a look out for a new accessory we are working on that will allow you to keep track of your poppers. Don’t you hate it when you’re in a middle of a session and you are looking for the bottle and having a hard time finding it? Well we have solved that problem. We expect to launch the product within the next couple of months.

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Route is now our partner

We have partnered with route giving you the convenience of tracking your package from when it leaves us until it gets to you at no extra charge. You do have the option of adding insurance giving you that piece of mind to make sure that if for some reason it is damaged or lost in transit, Route has you covered and will also assist you in getting a replacement to you right away. Not because you asked us to but because it’s just the right thing to do. Please visit for more information.

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Special Announcement for July 7th through July 11th orders!

Special Announcement: Any orders from July 7th through July 11th Central Standard time will not be processed until July 12th so please plan accordingly. We appreciate your understanding and we look forward to fulfilling your orders on the 12th of July. For any questions or concerns you can still reach us at or you can also reach us on our facebook and twitter page @poppersandpuffs . for any basic concerns. Thank you again for everyone’s support.

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Credit Card Payment

If you are wondering why the credit card option as well as the paypal option to make your payments is is due to the Credit Card processing companies restrictions which makes us unable to use them to accept your payments. We thank our loyal customers to still continue business with us by using CASH APP and Zelle as the 2 different ways to make a transaction at this time. We are working hard to find other ways to provide you other options to do business with us. But we assure you especially for those customer’s that have not previously done any business with us, that you will get what you have ordered and this is a legitimate business and this is not a scam and that if you place your order and send your money we GUARANTEE you will receive your prodcut.

For those customers who have continued to do business with us we thank you as well as those who took a chance in doing business with us for the first time. If you have done business with us before please make a comment on this post as well as on our twitter page @poppersandpuffs to show potential new customers that we are a legitimate business and not a scam. We thank you in advance and for doing so we will give you 100 Reward points. You should do the following for us to easily identify who will be given the 100 reward points. Make sure to use 1 or both hashtags

#rewardpointspoppersandpuffs and #legitbusinesspoppersandpuffs.

Tag us on a tweet with your order number for example:

Legit business I have ordered and received my order #256. #legitbusinesspoppersandpuffs