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40th anniversary edition of RUSH poppers

Our new line of poppers should arrive around December 15th. We will be adding 6 new brands of poppers in our vast line up which puts us at about 20 different types of poppers total. T0 bring in the new year we will be giving away a bottle of the RUSH 40th anniversary special edition. It is a one of a kind bottle. Since it is the 40th anniversary of RUSH we made 40ml bottle just for this occasion. You will not get any bigger bottle than this. To qualify, all you have to do is place an order between now through the end of January 31. We will randomly draw a name from those individuals that has placed an order. Keep in mind your name is put into the drawing for each bottle you purchase through end of January 31st 2024.

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Local pickup for Killeen, Texas a success!

After 1 year of testing our “local pickup”, you can now pickup your favorite poppers in Killeen, Texas. If you are in need of a bottle of poppers and it’s a Sunday night and every store you can think of, well you are in luck, as long as I’m awake and see your order, chances are you are able to pick them up. The best way to see if I’m awake is to contact us using our what’s app number +1 -646 543-5292

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Fake Poppers from China

So even now a days China has mastered in making fake poppers. Yes, that is correct, China is now also making fake poppers. Why should you as a consumer? First and foremost, it’s dangerous to your health. when creating poppers you have to have the exact science and just the right amount of ingredients, just like in baking. If you are a baker, you know that baking has to have the exact amount of ingredients in order for it to turn out the way it should. So, the same rules apply when creating poppers. WHAT China does is substitute ingredients, which costs less to increase profits. Too much of an ingredient can cause major issues or even lead to death. Although there haven’t been any deaths reported, you should be cautious on where you get your poppers. Yes, even if you get yours at your local sex shop. Ask them where they get their poppers and see what they say.

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Poppers holder

Poppers holder. Our poppers holder is now available. Tired of losing your poppers during a hot session? This popper holder is perfect and will solve that problem. It has an empty 2ml bottle at the end where you can put your favorite brand of poppers to maximize the shelf life of your poppers. This also will help from accidental spills. use FREEHOLDER as the coupon code during checkout .

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poppers available for local pickup in Texas

We are currently under beta testing for local pickup in the Killeen, Fort Hood, Harker Heights, Copperas Cove area. During checkout you are now able to choose “local pickup” and select the date and time you would like to pickup your order. Time slots are limited at this time for testing purposes. For faster response please contact us via whatsapp .

Local pickup in the Killeen area is great for those nights where you are in need of some awesome poppers but can’t wait till morning to get one. Please make sure to contact us via Whatsapp to make sure we are available for local pickup prior to placing your order.

You can also buy poppers at any adult novelty store. Prices usually ranges from $20 to $35 depending on the bottle size.

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Lanyard to keep track of your poppers

We are currently in the process of having a lanyard made that will allow you to keep track of your poppers during your sessions. Don’t you hate that when you are in the moment and all of a sudden you are trying to look for those amazing poppers, but seem to can’t be found. Well, we now will have a solution. this lanyard of course will go around your neck like any other lanyard. But what makes these lanyards special is what is at the very end of the lanyard. It has a detachable hook about 2/3 down. Then at the very end of the lanyard is where a small silicone ring is attached where the 2ml bottle will be attached. Transfering the liquid of your poppers to our empty 2ml bottles will preserve the freshness of your poppers. While this lanyard is still currently in production, you can have yours reserved now for half price. Once we launch it the price will be $15.00. So reserve yours today for only $7.50

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New lineup of poppers Coming soon!

When we first launched, we started with only 4 poppers to start and ran a promotion for $50 where you got 4 bottles and you guys loved it. That was an awesome deal. So now about 3 months later we are now adding an additional 5 bottles that I know you guys will also love and enjoy. We have already posted them on our website, but they are not available to order until stocks arrive. We are excited to introduce brand names such as jungle juice, and also very much can’t wait to try Amnesia 420, yes that’s right I said Amnesia 420. There is also a bottle called RAVE which is another one I’m very excited to try myself. As far as the promotion be on the look out for it on our twitter page @poppersandpuffs for the latest updates and promotions. You don’t want to miss this promotion either. We expect to receive them by end of August.

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How to make poppers last longer

So your poppers are not lasting as long as you would like? There are several things you can do to make sure you maximize the life of your poppers. First thing you can do is to make sure you close the bottle properly and store it away from direct sunlight. Storing them in your freezer will also extend the life shelf. Let the poppers reach room temperature before using. Once poppers are open usually they will last you 3 to 4 weeks. But there are several things you can do to extend the life of your poppers.

The more you open the bottle over and over lessens the shelf life of the poppers. Think about it as a freshly opened bottle of coke. So what you can also do is purchase one of our 2ml bottle perfect to transfer what you need for your sessions that way you are not having to open the original bottle over and over again throughout your session. This will significantly increase the shelf life of your poppers. The important thing is to make sure you tightly close the bottle. You will love having this extra bottle. This will also help prevent accidental spills from the original bottle. I know I have experienced that before. Be also on a look out for a new accessory we are working on that will allow you to keep track of your poppers. Don’t you hate it when you’re in a middle of a session and you are looking for the bottle and having a hard time finding it? Well we have solved that problem. We expect to launch the product within the next couple of months.

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Special Announcement for July 7th through July 11th orders!

Special Announcement: Any orders from July 7th through July 11th Central Standard time will not be processed until July 12th so please plan accordingly. We appreciate your understanding and we look forward to fulfilling your orders on the 12th of July. For any questions or concerns you can still reach us at or you can also reach us on our facebook and twitter page @poppersandpuffs . for any basic concerns. Thank you again for everyone’s support.