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Lanyard to keep track of your poppers

We are currently in the process of having a lanyard made that will allow you to keep track of your poppers during your sessions. Don’t you hate that when you are in the moment and all of a sudden you are trying to look for those amazing poppers, but seem to can’t be found. Well, we now will have a solution. this lanyard of course will go around your neck like any other lanyard. But what makes these lanyards special is what is at the very end of the lanyard. It has a detachable hook about 2/3 down. Then at the very end of the lanyard is where a small silicone ring is attached where the 2ml bottle will be attached. Transfering the liquid of your poppers to our empty 2ml bottles will preserve the freshness of your poppers. While this lanyard is still currently in production, you can have yours reserved now for half price. Once we launch it the price will be $15.00. So reserve yours today for only $7.50

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