Fake Poppers

The dangers of fake poppers

It is important to remember that to avoid any risk when consuming poppers, the fundamental factor is their quality. As you know, poppers are composed of chemical molecules which, when they come into contact with the body, generate a feeling of euphoria and disinhibition. The purity of the formula determines the effects of poppers on your body. Several problems can arise if you use a product containing a different nitrite than mentioned on the label, harmful additives or an Amyl, Propyl or Pentyl nitrite of poor quality or even counterfeit. Also and especially if you like ultra-strong versions:

  • Firstly, you may have severe headaches and feel bad for a more or less long period, pay attention to your health.
  • A risk of dependency is also likely to occur resulting in the problems that this may cause for your personal balance on a daily basis.
  • Thirdly, these fake poppers are often more volatile.

Where do fake poppers come from?

Increasingly we find that fake poppers are flooding the United States marketplace.  China seems to be the source of most of the counterfeits we find in the retail marketplace although some online sellers are also selling, knowingly or unknowingly, Chinese fakes as well.  You never know what effect fake poppers will have, often they have no effect at all.  And it is possible that fake poppers could be dangerous as we have seen with other faked and adulterated products coming in from China.

You are most likely to find counterfeit RUSH brands in the United States although we are now seeing counterfeited Jungle Juice family products as well.

And remember to look at the caps on any bottle of RUSH brand popper you are considering buying. The smaller 10ml size of Rush, Super Rush, Super Rush Black, and Gold Rush all have red caps that say RUSH.  If you have a 10ml bottle with a black cap you probably have a fake.

Also, all read RUSH family products are labelled as solvent cleaners.  Real RUSH brands will never say “aroma” or “nail polish remover.”