Affiliates and distributors

Why should I become an affiliate?

Earn money by just telling your friends about our site and earn it’s that simple. FREE to join.

  • Step 1. Register an account
  • Step 2. Once Registered go to your “my account” section
  • Step 3. You will automatically be assigned an affiliate link. Use this link to get credit for the commission.
  • Step 4. Post it on your social media accounts or anywhere else you see fit.

Distributors (Coming Soon)

Why should I become a distributor?

Become a distributor for your local area and beyond. We are currently seeking distributors in select countries. Philippines is one of them. You will be doing business directly with us. There will be 2 different levels in our distributor program.

You can become one of our direct distributor who will provide the local retailers within your established area.

The 2nd option would be to become one of our retailers. This is great for individuals or small businesses.