High Rise New Formula 30ml Poppers EARN 29 POINTS

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The Original Highrise Ultra Strong: A series of urban poppers for the city-dweller among us – although they can actually be used almost anywhere: from a flat to the club. These urban poppers always come in thirty millilitre bottles. That’s a lot but necessary, because after love, Highrise might be the best thing you can share with your friends! This is the latest version: Highrise Ultra Strong!

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2 reviews for High Rise New Formula 30ml Poppers EARN 29 POINTS

  1. Dlongneck

    Now this is the one. It really gets you going

  2. admin

    I love this. Fragrant, yes it has a plesantly differents mell. No headaches, no stuffy nose. I love also the tall bottle design.

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