Poppers Power Sniffer Silicone For Small Thread

Have your favorite Poppers handy at every time!
For the comfortable one-hand use of poppers!

Experience an ultra hot sniffing experience and penetrate into crazy galaxies of lust that you won’t want to leave anytime soon!

★ Please note: Please note the size information for the poppers of your choice.
The Poppers Power Sniffer is intended for small bottles, but thanks to its soft material it also fits very well on large poppers bottles. Due to its soft texture the attachment stretches over the long term, so it is better to decide on a specific bottle size from the start.

Thanks to the two nozzles made of super soft rubber, the Power Sniffer fits every nose and prevents the unused aroma from escaping. You can place the nozzles directly on your nostrils without having to worry about coming into direct skin contact with the aroma. Enjoy the most intense Kick of your life!

Not only do you have a more intense sniffing experience, but you also save yourself the hassle of screwing and unscrewing the lid of your bottle.

How it works
1. Remove the lid from your poppers
2. Simply screw on the Power Sniffer
3. Apply directly to the nostrils and inhale
4. Be ready for the Flash whenever you want!

✔ Easy on-hand use for poppers
✔ No awkward handling
✔ More intense experience
✔ No skin contact – no irritation
✔ Reduced evaporation of the aroma

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